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Wi-Flight is a subscription-based service enabled by the Wi-Flight GTA02 Flight Data Recorder. The two main features of Wi-Flight's software are Internet-based flight playback and automated flight analysis.  Only a single package offering unlimited flight playback and analysis is currently offered, with volume pricing as low as $29 per month per flight data recorder.

Flight Playback features include:

  • 100% browser-based HTML 5 playback
  • Google Earth Plug-In 3D flight playback cockpit view with inferred pitch/roll from GPS
  • Chase Plane view and cockpit view (Chase Plane: selectable 3-D models)
  • Google Maps 2-D moving map with track view and pan/zoom capabilities
  • Full screen Google Maps mode for printing flight tracks  *** NEW ***
  • 3D flight export in color-enhanced KML format (Google Earth Application)  *** NEW ***
  • Propeller RPM approximation using area microphone pitch determination (real time)
  • Local and Zulu times
  • Random access slider playback control with play/pause
  • Individual volume controls for Intercom/Radio and Ambient/Area Mic audio
  • Stereo/mono mix capabilties
  • Engine on/off status (vibration-based)
  • GPS Groundspeed
  • GPS Altitude
  • GPS Vertical Speed
  • Vertical G's (accelerometer-based)  *** NEW ***
  • Altitude above ground level using NED (USA), SRTM or ASTER (International) digital elevation models
  • Headwind and Crosswind (METAR-based)   *** NEW ***
  • Historical closest METAR at time and location of flight playback  *** NEW ***


Flight Analysis features include:

  • 100% browser-based interface
  • Low level buzzing flight detection (less than 500' AGL, more than 3 NM from an airport)
  • Off-airport landing detection
  • Take-off, Touch'n Go and landing detection, including runway determination
  • Restricted airspace violations
  • Hard landing detection

Many other flight playback and analysis features are planned.

Click on the image below to download the latest Wi-Flight Price List in PDF format.

Wi-Flight Price List