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Wi-Flight GTA02

The Wi-Flight GTA02 FDR (Flight Data Recorder) is based on Openmoko's Neo Freerunner smartphone. Extensive software customization has produced a surprisingly capable Cockit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorder at a revolutionary price point of $495 (and as low as $349 for Qty > 20).

Are you an operator that already has Cockpit Voice Recorders installed in your fleet ?  Ever wished you could have a permanent duplicate copy of the contents going into your CVRs, and instantly retrieve them online ?  Wi-Flight is the answer, providing a complete CVR-equivalent copy recording that is automatically uploaded over Wi-Fi.  Wi-Flight is simply the best CVR backup, access and archiving solution on the market.


Features include:

  • 4 Hz GPS with WAAS/SBAS capability
  • Dual channel cockpit voice recorder (Intercom/Radio and built-in Area Microphone)
  • Dual 3-axis accelerometers (-3 to + 3G, -8G to + 8G)
  • 8GB Internal memory for up to 100 hours of flight data + dual channel audio between uploads
  • Wi-Fi upload using public open Wi-Fi hot spots or purpose-built outdoor Wi-Fi gear
  • Portable GUI mode available for AdHoc selection of protected Wi-Fi networks  *** NEW ***
  • Assisted GPS using Wi-Fi  *** NEW ***
  • Automated Wi-Fi delivered software updates
  • Wi-Fi status LED
  • FDR multi-color status LED
  • Lithium-Ion battery for "Master Off" uploading
  • Automatic charging, 10 to 28 volts operation using supplied cigar lighter adaptor
  • Tamper-proof glareshield bracket with witness wire or zip-tie
  • Optional TSO C-71 certified 24/28 volt power source
  • Optional external GPS antenna

Download the Wi-Flight pamphlet (PDF format) by clicking on the image below:

Wi-Flight Pamphlet

The Wi-Flight GTA02 FDR is currently being offered as a portable device, suitable for portable installation with permanent provisions via a simple logbook entry.  Two TSO'ed power supply options for the GTA02 FDR are available:

Lone Star Aviation
                  TSO 5 volt USB power converter

The above photo is the very compact Lone Star Aviation LS03-05003-005 ($499.95), a TSO'ed 24 volts DC to 5 volts DC downconverter with 7.5 amps of power.  This is sufficient to provide a certified power source to the GTA02 FDR as well as up to three iPads and associated Bluetooth GPS's.

                cigar lighter socket

The above photo shows the Lone Star Aviation LS03-05001 ($89.95), a TSO'ed 28 or 14 VDC cigar lighter socket. When coupled with an appropriate inline fuse or circuit breaker, his is by far the least expensive method to add a certified 14 or 28 volt power outlet for use by the GTA02 Flight Data Recorder.  The GTA02 FDR kit includes a universal voltage portable USB charger that can be used on either 14 volt or 28 volt aircraft. 

Outdoor 500mW Wi-Fi
                  access point

Wi-Flight requires directional outdoor high-power (500mW) Wi-Fi access points to properly upload data automatically from aircraft up to 300 feet away.  Multiple access points can be used to cover larger ramps on different frequencies for maximum throughput.  Access points come pre-configured and require no outdoor power (uses power over ethernet).  These specialty access points are extremely reliable and are available for only $199 each.

Wi-Flight Upload

The Wi-Flight Upload Accelerator is a modified network storage device that acts as a high-speed local buffer for Wi-Fi uploads at up to 54mbps from aircraft on the ramp.  Offloads hundreds of megabytes of data from aircraft in mere minutes (not hours), priced at $499.