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Wi-Flight's analytic capabilities are currently being expanded for the Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) market. These new capabilities are being made possible by the addition of nothing less than a full-blown AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System) with 1-foot resolution, temperature-corrected barometric altimeter, entirely self-contained within our GTA02 or GTA04 Flight Data Recorder/Cockpit Voice Recorder.

Wi-Flight GTA02 HFDM
                      NAV BOARD The Wi-Flight GTA02 Flight Data Recorder is shown
here in actual size (2.3" x 4.75 ") with the new
internal expansion Nav Board.

This tiny PCB integrates the following sensors:
  • Bosch temperature-corrected Altimeter
  • New generation Honeywell triple-axis Magnetometer
  • InvenSense ITG-3200 triple-axis Rate Gyro
The GTA02 already contains the following sensors:
  • 4Hz WAAS GPS
  • Dual triple-axis Accelerometers
These six sensors are being combined with an Extended Kalman Filter to provide accurate Pitch / Roll / Heading as well as baro-corrected Altitude data.

Dual independent channels of audio will continue
to be provided via the built-in:
  • Area microphone
  • Audio input
For Canadian and select International customers,
optional airborne position tracking via GSM data
will be offered.

We are actively seeking beta testers for this innovative, low cost, fully automated approach to HFDM including:

  • Automatic flight capture, no pilot intervention required
  • Fully automated upload of all data and audio via Wi-Fi (GTA02) or 3G/4G GSM data (GTA04)
  • Automated flight analysis and alerts
  • 3-D and 2-D flight playbacks with streaming audio featuring Google Earth Plug-In and Google Maps
  • Integration with existing Flight Dispatch and Flight Scheduling software
  • Automated HOBBS, Air Time calculations
  • Weather integration
  • Serial or ARINC 429 data integration (optional)


We support efforts by International Helicopter Safety Team to promote open standards for Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring via HFDM.ORG.

Helicopter-specific features are planned to include:

  • Full-blown AHRS and Barometric Altimeter
  • Optional position reporting and take-off/landing times via GSM data
  • Premature turn on departure alerting
  • Low cruise altitude detection
  • Main rotor RPM determination
  • Low rotor RPM determination
  • High sink rate alerts
  • Main rotor unloading alerts
  • Rotor balance/vibration analysis
  • Engine parameter capture over RS-232 (Bell 407)
  • Optional ARINC 429 data capture

Wi-Flight HFDM alpha testing has officially begun as of October 25th 2012 using an AHRS-equipped Bell 407 to act as a reference for our innovative integral AHRS. Please contact us if you are a helicopter operator interested in becoming a beta test site.