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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can Wi-Flight integrate with my existing flight scheduling or dispatch software ?

A. We currently support automatic determination of crew on board via FlightSchedulePro's email reservation capability. Wi-Flight offers a complete Application Programming Interface for exchanging information between Wi-Flight and other systems. We look forward to integrating Wi-Flight with most popular reservation and dispatch software systems based on customer demands.

Q. Does Wi-Flight attempt to use Wi-Fi while in flight to transmit data ?

A. No. A great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that the Wi-Fi radio will never be activated in flight, without the use of any geographic database onboard the Flight Data Recorder.

Q. Can I use Wi-Flight to track my fleet of aircraft while in flight ?

A. The Wi-Flight GTA02 Flight Data Recoder is not a real time flight tracking solution, but rather a data logger. Real time flight tracking would typically require a satellite transceiver such as Spot, Iridium or Inmarsat D. We are however looking at the possibility of integrating satellite-based tracking as a possible input source to the Wi-Flight playback and analysis software. Note that SPOT does not provide altitude information so it could not be used for analysis. Please contact us if you are interested in such a solution.

Q. Is the Wi-Flight GTA02 certified for installation on aircraft ?

A. The Wi-Flight GTA02 is a portable electronics device that requires a certified power source from the aircraft.  This may be the aicraft's existing cigar lighter socket, but we strongly recommend instead that a dedicated TSO'ed cigar lighter socket be installed under the instrument panel, dedicated to Wi-Flight.  Another option is to power the Wi-Flight GTA02 FDR directly using the Lone Star Aviation's certified, TSO'ed 24 volt to 5 volt downconverter.

Q. Can you create custom alerts in the analysis software ?

A. We can create just about any custom alert to suit your needs. Proximity/boundary alerts (polygons, circles, cylinders, etc...), excessive rates of descent or climb, G exceedances, pavement restriction types for airports and custom hard deck altitudes/durations are just some of the custom alerts that we can add upon request.