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Wi-Flight offers fully automated Flight Data Monitoring (via it's Flight Playback Feature) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) via it's automated flight analysis system. No user intervention is required. The flight data and dual channels of cockpit audio are automatically uploaded via Wi-Fi at the end of the flight, on the flight recorder's built-in rechargeable battery.

Wi-Flight was officially launched at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2010 (Hangar D, Booth 4148).  Click on the image below to view a complete demo flight playback of an actual flight recorded June 26th 2010 in the New York City Hudson VFR corridor.

System Requirements:


                Hudson VFR Corridor Demo

Wi-Flight also features automatic pilot behavior alerting for Flight Operations Quality Assurance. Warnings and alerts that are automatically generated by our Internet-based flight analysis system are easily sorted or drilled down for further examination.  This all takes place automatically, without any human intervention required. Only Wi-Flight offers 100% automated FDM and FOQA.  Below is a sample viewing of the FOQA report, showing a low-level flight alert (in red) for Cessna 172N C-FFSK at 397' AGL and an airspace violation of Restricted Area 606.

Click on the image below to experience the Wi-Flight Flight Browser. Expand a flight by clicking on the green triangle on the left side.  Initiate a Flight Playback 10 seconds before any event by clicking on the Google Earth icon on the right.

Wi-Flight Browser Alerts