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17-19 November 2013  Wi-Flight is exhibiting at the Air Transportation Association of Canada AGM and Tradeshow in Montreal, Canada.

14 May 2013  Canada's Transportation Safety Board calls for the installation of Lightweight Flight Recording Systems on Small Commercial Aircraft and states "We think flight data monitoring should be an important tool for Canada's smaller carriers too – a tool to help them manage safety in their operations."  We couldn't agree more !

7-8 May 2013  Wi-Flight is exhibiting at the Regional Airline Association 38th Annual Convention in Montreal, Canada.

13 December 2012 AS350 and Bell 206B of major fleet operator join Wi-Flight HFDM alpha flight testing.

25 October 2012 Wi-Flight HFDM Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring AHRS developmental alpha flight testing underway using an AHRS-equipped Bell 407 helicopter.

27 September 2012 Wi-Flight and GenAv Systems announce Data Integration Partnership. Wi-Flight will be able to auto-populate flight times in GenAv's Flight Office suite and Wi-Flight will be able to automatically allocate access privileges to individual flights based on crew scheduling or dispatch information from Flight Office.

27-28 September 2012 We exhibited at the 2012 University Aviation Association conference in Murfreesboro, TN.

15 August 2012 Wi-Flight sponsors 2012 Webster Trophy competition at Rockcliffe Flying Club in Ottawa, ON.

20 April 2012 The May 2012 issue of Avionics News, the monthly publication of the Aircraft Electronics Association, features an article on affordable Flight Data Monitoring featuring Wi-Flight.

18 April 2012 Wi-Flight exceeds 20,000 recorded flights. New massive redundant storage array put in place, allows expansion in increments of up to 200,000 flight hours per array.

9 December 2011 Coming soon... optional wide area 3G/4G HSPA wireless upload (5.76 Mbps) and Video Recording via Wi-Flight GTA04 upgrade.

12 August 2011 This year's Webster Trophy competition will feature aircraft equipped with Wi-Flight.

5 August 2011 Wi-Flight automatically records, uploads and analyzes it's 10,000th flight !

"This 10,000 flight milestone clearly illustrates the robustness of our extremely effective, 100% automated Wi-Fi upload strategy.  Using a combination of high-power outdoor Wi-Fi access points and our exclusive Upload Accelerator technology, Wi-Flight uploads data at amazing speeds, from its own battery, without any user intervention required. No other system on the market even comes close. Wi-Flight is the fastest way to get your flight data from your aircraft to the Internet." -Pascal Gosselin, CEO

17 June 2011 AOPA Flight Training Magazine: rave reviews for Wi-Flight

"Wi-Flight is one of those products that you’ve never thought about buying before, but now that it’s available, it might be hard to pass up." - Ian J. Twombly

16 February 2011  Sunrise Aviation deploys Wi-Flight

26 January 2011   Aviation Consumer reviews Wi-Flight (YouTube)

5 January 2011   Avionics Intelligence writes about our upcoming Wi-Flight HFDM product

2 December 2010: Tons of new features including G-meter, winds, METARs, printing.

22 September 2010  Wi-Flight featured on AERO-TV !


26 July 2010 Wi-Flight launched at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2010.

Wi-Flight is the first and only wireless FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) / FDM (Flight Data Monitoring) Lightweight Aircraft Recorder solution that can be retrofitted onto any aircraft, yet allows for fully automated Wi-Fi uploads and flight analysis to Internet-based servers.

Utilizing commercial off-the-shelf hardware with highly customized software has enabled Wi-Flight to offer an advanced CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder (two channel including area microphone)) and FDR (Flight Data Recorder (4Hz WAAS/SBAS GPS and dual 3-axis accelerometers)) with 100 hours of storage capacity that has fully automated booting and recording, battery-based "master off" Wi-Fi upload and tamper-proof operation in a single compact package.

A fabulous teaching tool, stunning 3D flight playbacks with inferred pitch and roll are supported on Windows and MacOS X using Google Earth Plug-In, Google Maps API and HTML 5 streaming stereo audio. All that is required to view flight playbacks is a compatible HTML 5 brower such as Mozilla Firefox and a high speed internet connection. Flight playbacks are totally free and may be shared with the public if desired.

The real power of Wi-Flight however resides in its ability to automatically analyze flights as soon as the aircraft returns to the ramp and connects via Wi-Fi. This automated analysis automatically generates alerts when certain improper pilot behavior is observed. Wi-Flight allows unparalleled piece of mind to flight schools and other fleet operators.

Join the revolution, equip your fleet with Wi-Flight today!